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Having completed hundreds of yard clean up service calls we’ve developed a 10-step process to deliver amazing yard clean ups that results in stellar reviews.  Plain and simple, we know exactly what it takes to keep your entire landscape at it’s best 365 days a year.

Our yard clean up services are like no other and we can’t wait to show you.  Whether it’s early spring clean ups, late spring clean ups, summer clean ups or autumn clean ups we’re the best in Dublin, Columbus, Grove City, Westerville and Pickerington. 

Request a FREE estimate for seasonal yard clean up and in most cases we’ll get you pricing within 24 hours.

In the meantime, I’ll share our exclusive process so you can see the benefits you’ll receive if you hire my company to do heavy lifting associated with yard clean up services. 

Yard Clean Up Service – 10 Steps For Success

1. Weed Removal

Start the yard clean up service by pulling, cutting back &/or digging up existing weeds.  

 2. Ornamental Grass/Perennial Cutback

Next, focus on cutting back ornamental grass and other perennials to avoid rotting and decaying vegetation that’ll attract insects and disease later on. 

3. Prune/Shape/Rejuvenate Shrubs & Hedges

And then, as part of the yard clean up service request we should prune, shaping &/or rejuvenating the appropriate ornamental trees and shrubs. After that, remove the clippings from the tops of the shrubs by blowing out the shrub. Lightly revisit areas that get ‘out of shape’. Sorta like barber removing ‘wild hairs’.

4.Clean Up Subsequent Debris

Next, focus on removing all of the clipping from underneath the shrub, paying close attention to the areas in between the lower branches, inner areas, and trunk space.  This is the clean up, in yard clean up service so make sure we get it right!

5. FREE Off-Site Hauling & Recycling 

Load all of the subsequent debris for offsite hauling after the yard clean up service is complete.

6. Call Before You Dig. It’s the LAW!

Before, starting the bed edging check with crew leader to make sure there aren’t buried obstructions like sprinkler systems, invisible fencing, in addition to major utilities. 

7. Confirm OHIO811 Positive Response

Once confirmation is given, then start edging the beds with a shovel or bed edging machine.  Go back over the edging with a weed whacker for an extremely sharp appearance.

8. Proper Grading With Existing Soil

Grade, smooth out and shape the bed using the displaced soil from the bed edging machine.

9. Mulch, Lava Rock or Decorative Aggregate Installation

Only install premium mulch, lava rocks or another decorative landscape aggregate that has been inspected.  And then make sure it is always applied at the correct depth in all areas.  Be sure to avoid sensitive roses, and the trunks of shrubs or trees.

10. Double Check Your Work & Then Get Approval

Then do a quality check of all the yard clean up service areas.  Remember, attention to detail will make your work look great and make our supporters yard clean up results stand out on the street.  Make adjustments whenever necessary.  If possible, ask the supporter to do a final walk-through with you to approve the work.