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Trim Plants Against Your House
Once you kill the insects in your house and yard, take steps to ensure they don’t come back. Trim back bushes, shrubs and trees that brush against your siding or roof and provide a bridge for ants to reach your house. Keep a 3-in. to 6-in. clearance space between the soil around the foundation and the bottom row of siding to prevent ants from nesting in the siding.Year Round Landscaping can help!

Have you ever tried Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds can be good for more than just a cup of coffee. Use your leftover coffee grounds in spots around the outside of your home where you think pests are coming in. Many critters can’t stand the smell of the grounds and will steer clear.Did you know that you can also use coffee grounds to critter-proof your garden?

Wire Cloches for the Garden
A cloche is a bell-shape covering that you can put over a plant you want to protect. Wire versions are common, affordable and easy to find. You can simply place them over growing plants, the animals will have a hard time reaching the plants. It’s a great solution if you have some.

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