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You are wasting money if you pay for lawn fertilizer before you have the yard cleaned up.

Even if you had the leaves raked up before the holidays, you’ll need to do it again.  You might have looked out the window and already noticed that additional leaves have blown in from your neighbors yard and collected over the Winter months.

Those leaves are going to get wet, rot away and kill off the grass underneath.  Dead grass doesn’t need fertilizer, so why would you waste money on a lawn fertilizer treatment?  It’s like putting the cart before the horse.

If you want the lawn fertilizer to be effective, then you must remove the leaves before any lawn fertilizer company comes out to spread or spray any material.

I hope the national lawn fertilizer companies explain the importance of a having a comprehensive approach when it comes to lawn care.  I hope they take the time to let you that you’re buying half of a solution, and the rest is up to you?  

Ask yourself, how can they truly help you achieve the lawn of your dreams if they only deliver half of the solution?

It’s like buying a Donato’s pizza, but only getting the crust and sauce.   Making it worse, you’d still have to go to Giant Eagle for the cheese and extra toppings, now does that make sense?  

In order for you to have the lawn and landscape of your dreams, you need to work with a full service landscape company, like YEAR ROUND Landscaping,  that can handle whatever the seasons throw at you. 

Lawn fertilizer, aeration and over seeding will never achieve optimal success, unless you have the leaf removal, and lawn mowing to go along with it.

Save your time, money and avoid the frustration associated with hiring several companies to manage one landscape. 

Work with a landscape company, who is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, with an active A+ rating, like YEAR ROUND Landscaping. 

Try this, before you hire anyone for lawn fertilizer, ask them will they help get the leaves up and will they be there to mow the lawn, if your mower breaks down during the summer? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the content and learn something new to help keep your landscape at it;s best.

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