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What if I said, “You can reclaim 2-3 hours of your life”, would you want that?

And, what if I said, “You can have that 2-3 additional hours of life for the small fee of 35-45 dollars”, would you purchase that deal?

Finally, what if  I said, “Year Round Landscaping, Inc. can help you reclaim 2-3 hours of additional life, every single week from March 27 -November 11, 2017, for 35-45 dollars “, would you want to purchase a deal like that?

Sounds too good to be true or virtually impossible?

Well, let me tell you, it’s true and not a hoax. I’ve seen it done time and time again. How can you get results like the ones mentioned before? Hire Year Round Landscaping, Inc. to manage your lawn care and landscaping.

We’ll schedule an entire season of work for you. And you will NOT have to do anything other than pay for and then enjoy our exceptional service. Enjoy the freedom our service will bring to your life. Take the 2-3 hours that you used to spend doing lawn chores and go do something else that you really enjoy.

We give our customers 2-3 hours of life back every week by successfully managing their lawn and gardens without any interference in their daily life.

Year Round Landscaping, Inc. can place your lawn care on an autopilot program. While you sit back and relax in lawn care first class.

We are active members of the Better Business Bureau and we keep an A+ rating. So, you know you can trust our products and services. Which explains why we have an active customer approval rating over 99%. Once you try our service you will certainly say, “Wow, That was easy!”




Full Spectrum Lawn Care

Perhaps you’ve used lawn care services in the past. And now you are looking for a more reliable, better service. Or maybe you’re a first-time homeowner. Therefore, you desperately need to find a reputable lawn care company. Although, having never used one before, you may not even know who to trust. Possibly, you might be of retirement age, and need to turn your lawn care over to someone else.

In any one of these situations, Year Round Landscaping is the only company you need to cover a full spectrum of lawn care or yard services. Courteous agents are available to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision. Reach out today and we will do the rest.

Contact our offices directly from our from our website. Click the button labeled ‘Request A Free Estimate’ and you will get free lawn care advice and free estimates for the work that is to follow. Contact us today. You’re in the right place. We can show you better than we can tell you.

Within hours of contacting us, you could have an entire season of lawn care task delegated. While you sit back and relax in lawn care first class. Thanks for flying with the Lawn Care Auto-Pilot. We guarantee you the “The Ultimate Lawn Care Experience”.


99% Customer Satisfaction

Asking for the fence gate to be closed after service, is not too much to ask of your lawn care service provider. Asking for notification prior to arrival will not be a problem for us either. Your specific lawn care needs are very important to Year Round Landscaping, Inc. As a result, we have 99% customer approval.

We take deliberate steps to ensure that your instructions are followed down to the dotted i’s and the crossed t’s. What does this mean for you? Whenever possible, you will have the same crew members to care for your lawn. In addition, your exact instructions are recorded and printed for the crew responsible for providing lawn care service. Most of all and not to be missed, we actually copy and paste your instructions word for word. How about that for attention to detail.

In conclusion, you can rely on Year Round Landscaping to deliver top-notch results each and every time we service your lawn. The growing season is long and comes jam packed with it’s own set of difficulty. You can eliminate the hassle and haggle. Hire Year Round Landscaping to deliver a full spectrum of lawn care or yard services. Finally, you can relax. Because you are one step closer to having an entire season of lawn care complete. “Wow, That was easy!”




A+ Rating

We are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Take a look at some of our great reviews. It’s the reason why we have a A+ rating.


English Speaking Crew Members

First of all, english will be used when communicating with supporters, customers, co-workers and other business affiliates who speak only English. Supporters &/or customers who express a preference for another language are an exception to this rule.

Furthermore, all task directions and work directives will be provided in English. Also all employees engaged in team-related work efforts or project teams will be expected to communicate in English. Finally, all safety, facility and security-related materials will be provided in English. Consequently, team or departmental meetings that relate to business operations, safety, facility or personal security will be conducted in English.


Sit Back And Relax In Lawn Care First Class

Why would you hire several lawn care companies to manage one lawn. Eliminate the worry and hassle of working with numerous companies to get through the grass growing season. Year Round Landscaping offers a full spectrum of lawn care products and services. You want to hire a reliable company and we want to work in your lawn. So, just sit back and relax as we take your grass and place it on one of our lawn care autopilot programs.

There are several professional lawn care companies out there, and finding a company that exhibits professional behavior, and which you can trust can be a real challenge in Columbus, Ohio. You will find more inconvenience and hassle if you hire several contractors to manage one lawn.

You will need someone to spray for weeds, aerate, control  insects and rodents, startup your sprinkler system in the spring and winterize it in the fall and last but not least, cut the grass. That could take 3-5 separate companies for one individual lawn. Year Round Landscaping can take your lawn, landscape and/or garden and then place it on auto-pilot. By scheduling every individual service in advance to provide you timely and effective results.

Year Round Landscaping, Inc. is not just a name, it’s what we do for the entire Central Ohio area. You will feel like you are our only customer. You will save time and money by delegating a full spectrum of lawn care, landscaping and/or garden services to one professional, Year Round Landscaping, Inc.


You’ll Be Treated Like

You’re The Only Customer We Have

You want to delegate your lawn care chores to someone you can trust and we want to be your Lawn Care Auto-Pilot. Year Round Landscaping, Inc. takes a different approach. We actually prefer to be the only lawn care service provider and/or landscaper in your yard. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we will pay the competitor of your choice for the first lawn fertilization and/or grass cut next season. You are going to be treated like you are the only customer we have.

Some lawn care companies focus solely on grass cuts. Just mowing, blowing and going onto the next yard to mow, blow and go again and again and again. You could have a dandelion farm out there and they will just mow, blow and go again and again. Without any consideration for the overall health of your lawn.

Then other lawn care companies just fertilize, aerate and seed. They will definitely help you grow the grass but after that you are on your own. Basically, these companies will take a lawn that is already over grown and apply more fertilizer and then will have the nerve to check a box on the invoice telling you to get the grass cut. As if you didn’t know that. Year Round Landscaping will deliver a full spectrum of premium quality lawn care, landscaping and/or garden services for you 365 days a year.


Yes, I Want My 'Lawn Care Made Easy' Free Quote

Don’t Be Impressed By A Slick Salesman

Other lawn care services with multiple crews, and also franchise companies, offer a full spectrum of lawn or yard services. But, who are they sending to your home or place of business?

It is worth asking each of the lawn care companies if their own employees perform all the lawn care services they offer, or if they subcontract certain tasks, like lawn aeration or tree trimming. This could affect both the rates they have to charge, as well as the control they have over the finished product.

Don’t be impressed by a slick salesman that large lawn care companies often send out. He/she doesn’t get a commission unless you sign a contract. They may promise a yard that looks like the cover of a gardening magazine if you contract for all their services.


We Want To Be Your Only Lawn Care Company

Are we being selfish? No, of course not. Year Round Landscaping does provide individual service if requested. We have supporters that only get fertilization and others that only get lawn cutting or maintenance. But, we prefer to be your only lawncare & landscaping pilot, while you relax in First-Class.

More note worthy, you  really want to hire one reliable local lawn care company that can handle whatever your lawn or landscape can throw at you. While we want to help our neighbors out by providing a full spectrum of lawn care and landscaping service. Seems like a match. We want to help you and you want to hire someone just like us! Eliminate the hassle of hiring several lawn care and landscape companies. Contact Year Round Landscaping, Inc. right now.


The More You Know, The More You Grow.

First of all, we believe that people have the capacity to change. Why? Because we are a living testimonial and have seen how education can positively transform individuals, enriching their lives and contributing to our community. We all prosper when we make a commitment to helping others with the opportunity to learn more.

You will save time and money by relying on our thirst for knowledge. We will research the latest procedures and practices and bring that to whatever project you need to have completed. Rather than letting you go it alone. Let us bring real passion and desire to your lawn care. In conclusion, Year Round Landscaping is dedicated to lifelong learning opportunities and continual education. Knowledge is power. And we feel the more you know, the more you grow.


Follow this link to read more about our ‘Lawn Care Autopilot Payment Terms & Billing Policy’.

Your Lawn Care Made Easy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’ll be able to identify our unique business approach right from the start.  Not only do we make the claim of superior service but we also go the extra mile and back it up with the best guarantees in the business!

Most of all, you never have to worry about our attention to detail near the end of the season. Lawn Care Auto-Pilot is just that, we are going to manage the take off and landing of your lawn. Year Round Landscaping will provide a full spectrum of lawn care or yard services. More noteworthy, you’ll be guaranteed lawn care success.


We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our lawn care services. Contact us immediately, for any reason you wish to discontinue using our lawn care, we will promptly issue a refund.

Simply email us at and Toni will gladly provide more information about our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Complete one season on our lawn care program. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase,  we will purchase the first fertilization treatment or grass cut from the competitor of your choice. 



Finally, you already know what you need or want, and you can it all from Year Round Landscaping, Inc. We would love to tell you more about our lawn care services.

Most of all, you can reach someone with our office today. Email (, phone or text (614-260-8774). Contact our office today and get an entire season of lawn care complete within a couple of hours.

Try it now and you will say “Wow, That’s was easy!”

Our entire team hope you are having the best day 🙂

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