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‘Landscape Cleanup Made Easy’

Perhaps you’ve used a landscaper for your garden cleanup in the past, but you are now looking for a more reliable, premium quality, garden and landscape cleanup service provider.

Or maybe you’re a first-time homeowner and need a reputable landscaping company with transparent pricing. But where do you start, having never used a landscaper before.

Possibly, you might be of retirement age and need to turn your gardening and landscaping chores over to someone else. You may have developed a certain preference for the timing and methods used to complete garden task. And now you need to find someone that can listen and follow instructions.

In any case, Year Round Landscaping, Inc. is the only company you ever need to cover a full spectrum of landscape and garden services.

You are in the right place to turn your landscaping cleanup dreams, into a reality. Courteous agents are available to answer any of your questions, comments or concerns.

Email or call us today, so we can show the difference rather than just tell you.

Have the entire season of garden cleanups, landscaping chores and leaf collection services complete within minutes of contacting us. We are always happy to help. Email, call or text right now.



Top Notch Results

Asking for notification prior to arrival isn’t too much to ask of your gardener or landscape service provider. Requesting for the fence gate to be is closed after service? This is not a problem, if you work with a qualified landscape company.

Year Round Landscaping cares about your specific garden or yard cleanup needs because we strive to provide the ultimate landscaping experience for every supporter. We do not have customers, we only have supporters. That’s a big deal and we would like to show you the benefits.

Whenever possible, you will get the same crew members to care for your garden or landscape. We copy your instructions word for word and make them available for every crew member that will work in your garden.

You can rely on Year Round Landscaping to deliver top-notch results each and every time we service your garden or landscape. Word for word results. The growing season is long and comes jam packed with it’s own set of difficulty. And you got better things to do with your time.

Eliminate the hassle, by hiring Year Round Landscaping, Inc. today. We will deliver a full spectrum of garden or landscape cleanup services to the front door of homes and businesses throughout Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Bexley, Upper Arlington and Westerville, just to name a few.


Look At Our BBB Reviews

The best supporters in the world have decided that we got a great thing going on. A+ Ratings and 99% Customer Satisfaction. Take a look at what your neighbors had to say about how we go about doing business. These aren’t slogans or marketing schemes. This is for real. Year Round Landscaping isn’t just a name, it’s a what we do for a diverse supporting base in Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Clintonville and and Delaware, Ohio.




Local Business Since 1999


For over 18 years, Year Round Landscaping has been delivering reliable garden advice, landscaping products and services to diverse supporters in Franklin and all the surrounding counties.

Founded by me, Tiberius Woods (‘The Nature Boy Wit Flair’). First of all, I was born in and currently reside in Columbus Ohio. And I’m currently certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in 6 categories. Including but not limited to lawn care management, flower bed/ garden management. Another point of pride is the accreditation for stone paver patio, paver driveway and retaining wall installation by the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute). Also, I’m working on my certification as a Master Gardener by Ohio State University Extension. The program requires background checks and intense training, testing and volunteer hours.

You will benefit as I bring my lifelong passion for learning more about the best garden and landscaping procedures.

It’s no surprise that I have a keen interest in the overall health of our planet. Landscape waste will always be recycled. And reused for other gardening or landscape materials, such as mulch or topsoil.

I will make sure that your garden will receive timely and appropriate service appointments with great results without harming the garden, horticulture or environment. Receive professional service with proven experience and accreditation in the landscaping and paver patio industry, since 1999.


English Speaking Team Members On Every Crew

First of all, English will be used when communicating with supporters, customers, co-workers and other business affiliates. While supporters who express a preference for another language are the only exception to this rule.

Furthermore, all task, instructions and work directives will be provided in English. Also, employees engaged in team-related work efforts will be expected to communicate in English. Finally, all safety, facility and security-related materials will be provided in English. Team or departmental meetings that relate to business operations, safety, facility or personal security will be conducted in English.


One Garden + One Landscaper = Less Hassle.

Year Round Landscaping is your one stop shop, to get a full spectrum of garden or landscaping advice, products and services delivered to the front door of your home or business.

There are several professional garden and landscaping cleanup companies out there. Finding a company that exhibits professional behavior and which you can trust can be a real challenge in Columbus, Ohio. You will create more hassle for yourself if you hire several contractors to manage one garden, one landscape or one lawn.

You will find that one individual landscape will require various task in order to maintain it’s luster and appeal.

Reasons Why It’s Best To Hire A Full Spectrum Landscaper

  • First of all, the garden and yard needs to be cleaned up early in the spring.
  • The next chore will be finding someone to professionally edge the flowerbeds? And what about the mulch?
  • Can you find someone that uses premium mulch in your garden, with season long color?
  • Also, can the same service provider, treat any of the pest or disease that will certainly attack your wonderful garden?
  • In addition, what about the leaves in the Fall/ Autumn? Can the same gardener do this for you in an very efficient and timely manner?
  • Finally, can your service provider also help you to design and or install that brand new paver patio that you have been thinking about since last summer?

Managing these type of scenarios could require 3-5 separate companies. Eliminate the hassle, by simply hiring Year Round Landscaping, Inc.

We are going to take your lawn, landscape and garden and then place it on one of our exclusive AutoPilot Programs for gardening, lawn care and other landscaping projects. All of the Autopilot Programs schedule every individual service in advance to provide you timely and effective service exactly when you need it most. Year after year or until you say stop. Saving your valuable time and energy for other things that you enjoy or need to finish.

Year Round Landscaping, Inc. is not just a name, it is what we do for our Central Ohio neighbors. You will be treated like you are the only customer we have. Save time and money by hiring a full spectrum service provider for your garden, landscaping and/or lawn.



Unique Business Approach

We understand that you only want one thing. That is, you want to get your garden cleanup and landscaping chores complete in a professional and timely manner. And we passionately work to turn those dreams into reality. We want to be your reliable source for all of the best garden information. We want to be your landscaping pilot. Year Round Landscaping, Inc. provides a unique business approach.

Plain and simple, “It’s all about you”.

You are going to be treated like you are the only customer we have.




Most importantly, your instructions are followed to the letter. First of all, we always ask for your instructions when working on a project. Of course, we know how to landscape, but most of all, we want to know how you want it done. It’s ok, if you have no idea or design because our experience will help you gain direction. But, in those situation when you clearly know what you want, we are the right service provider to help carry turn your ideas and dreams into a reality. We copy, paste and print your instructions, word for word. And then we send the instructions with every crew providing garden and/or landscape cleanup service at your home or business.

Immediately, you’ll be able to identify the difference in business approach. ‘Our supporters are the boss’ and ‘we work at their discretion’, are terms often used at Year Round Landscaping, Inc. You are NOT another customer, you are one of our supporters and we will treat you as such.

Your satisfaction is Ti-Tanium Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our results within the first man hour, then we will refund your 2 hour minimum purchase. Contact me now to learn more.


365 Days A Year

Year Round Landscaping provides a clear choice. We’ll deliver a full spectrum of garden and landscaping services, in a professional manner, to the front door of your home or business, 365 days a year. One email, text or call does it all.

Hassles Associated With Hiring Several Service Providers

  • Some companies focus solely on grass cuts. Just mowing, blowing and going onto the next yard to mow, blow and go again and again and again. You could have a dandelion farm growing and they will just mow, blow and go again and again. Without any consideration for the overall health of your lawn, garden or landscape.
  • Then other lawn care companies just fertilize, aerate and seed. They will definitely help you grow the grass but after that you are on your own. Basically, these companies will take a lawn that is already overgrown. Apply more fertilizer and then will have the nerve to check a box on the invoice telling you to get the grass cut. As if you didn’t know that.
  • Next, some paver patio or concrete companies will install a nice hardscaping project but can’t grow your grass in the areas they damaged. Which detracts the overall effect of the new hardscape project.
  • Same goes for some tree services that cut the largest tree but will leave a stump and never come back like they were supposed to.
  • Need snow plowing or removal? Got mulch? What about the leaves and debris in the fall, and then who will clean the gutters? The list can go on and on….

End the madness and insanity. Try something new and get different results. Contact our office today!

Year Round Landscaping provides a full spectrum of garden and landscaping services, in a professional manner. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and we work hard to maintain an A+ Rating. We are a trusted locally owned and operated company.

Satisfaction Guaranteed



Garden And Landscape Cleanup Services

Contact me now and you will have your garden cleanup complete within 7 days of purchase or you receive one hour of service free of cost to you.

Whether it’s Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Bexley, Grove City, Hilliard, Powell, Worthington or Upper Arlington we deliver the following services to the front door of your home or business in seven days or less:

  • leaves and debris collected
  • weeds pulled and treated
  • perennial flowers and ornamental grasses cut back
  • shrub/ hedges pruned or shaped
  • spent bloom removal
  • and other garden cleanup and landscaping tasks

We can do the service on a one time basis. Or better yet, we could complete those tasks on a recurring basis. Saving you from the hassle and waste of time associated with hiring landscapers. I’m sure you’ll love the ease and convenience.

We copy and paste your exact instructions and print them for the crew cleaning up your garden and landscape.

Year Round Landscaping, Inc. will make your garden or landscape cleanup easy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the first class of cleanup service.

All it takes is less than one minute to contact our office and we will start working for you right away. We would love to tell you more about our garden and landscape solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact me today. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.



Locally Owned & Operated Garden Company

My name is Tiberius (Ti) Woods (Facebook) (Google+). I am the Founder and General Manager. Born in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been interested in Ohio agriculture, the great outdoors and nature since my childhood.

Back in the day at Sherwood Middle School, in Mr. Duffner science class. And my my science fair project was “Does Music Affect The Growth Of Plants”. In short, it does and it went like this. The group of lima bean plants that received no music grew the least, the rap and rock group grew 10% more than no music, the jazz group grew 18% more and the winner was classical music which grew 22% more than no music. I suggest playing music to your houseplants. And play classical for the best results and for the calming sensation. But, seriously I always thought what if we played classical to our edible crops could we also get at least 22% more food???

I know you want information about garden and landscape cleanups. But, I wanted to share that information so you can get a clear idea of the person you will be working with. This is a career of choice and not for financial reward alone.

We are a locally owned and operated garden and landscape cleanup company. I personally oversee all of the daily operation at Year Round Landscaping, Inc. Anyone that doesn’t share my passion for learning and understanding more about gardening and landscaping can’t work at Year Round Landscaping, Inc.

Finally, I would be glad to correspond, talk over the phone, text or meet with you face to face to discuss what landscaping products and service could help you with your yard.

I am not a salesman, just a landscaper that loves doing landscaping. Landscaping will always be a passionate hobby for me. A hobby that grew into a career. A career that grew into a professional organization. Our local business is growing, literally.



Buyer Beware

Seems like large landscape companies almost always send out slick salesmen. He/she doesn’t get a commission unless you sign a contract. And they always promise a yard that looks like the cover of a gardening magazine if you contract for all their services.

But, who are they sending to your home or place of business?

It is worth asking each of the landscape companies, if their own employees perform all the the services they offer. Do they subcontract certain tasks, like lawn aeration or tree trimming. And if so are those subcontractors reputable companies? This could affect both the rates they have to charge, as well as the control they have over the finished product.


Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen Spoils The Broth!

Are we being selfish? No, of course not. Year Round Landscaping provides individual service, if requested. Some of our supporters only receive landscape cleanups. Other supporters might only purchase lawn fertilization. And others supporters rely solely on our lawn mowing. But, we prefer to be your only gardener or landscaper. So we can properly coordinate all of the chores needed for a successful growing season.

You want someone reliable to take care of your gardening. We want to take that responsibility and make it easy for you. Sorta like a pilot for your landscape. Now you can sit back and relax in the first-class of garden cleanup with Year Round Landscaping as your pilot.



We Love Learning & Providing Garden Service

We are dedicated to lifetime of learning opportunities and continual education. People have the capacity to change. Education can positively transform individuals, enriching their lives and contributing to our community.

Save time and money by relying on our thirst for garden and landscape knowledge. Let us bring real passion and desire to your garden cleanup. In conclusion, you do not need to know or understand technical landscaping terms because we will take the time to thoroughly explain anything you want to know.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’ll be able to identify our unique business approach immediately. And we go the extra mile and back it up with the strongest guarantees in the business. We provide ‘The Ultimate Landscaping Experience.”

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our results within the first man hour, we will refund your 2 hour minimum purchase.

Simply email us at Toni or myself will gladly provide more information about the steps we take to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Would you like to see examples of our work. Feel free to check out our photo and video gallery.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

In conclusion,  we would love to tell you more about our garden and landscape services. Most importantly, you can reach me directly by email, phone or text. Contact me today. You’ll have an entire season of landscaping and garden cleanups complete within 10 minutes or less. Seriously.

You have waited long enough to get to this point. Don’t wait any longer. We are your landscape solution 365 days a year.

Try our service now. I am certain you will say “Wow, that was easy!”

YES, I Need My Free Garden Cleanup Estimate.


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