BBB A+ Rating

by Tiberius Woods Founder/ General Manager

‘Landscape Edging & Mulch In Columbus Made Easy’

The right landscaping company will make landscape edging and mulch in Columbus Ohio easy like Sunday morning or stressful like rush hour traffic. It all depends on who you select to do the work.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Take a break from the rapid-fire online searching and learn more about the solutions we have to offer you.

We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an active A+rating. More importantly, we have earned wonderful testimonials from Central Ohio residents just like yourself.

Within hours of contacting my company, you could have crisp landscape edging, along with premium mulch, scheduled for completion.

We have been in business since 1999 and have earned a reputation for quality and we hope to show you that it is well deserved.

  • Sharper Image

  • Long Lasting Color

  • ASTM Certified Playground Mulch

  • Eco-Friendly/ Recycled Material

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One Garden + One Landscaper = Less Hassle

With one phone call you will have a full spectrum of garden, landscape and lawn care services.

Color Won’t Fade Prematurely, Guaranteed.

Colored mulch maintains color all season long or we will come back to fix it.

Safe Playground Area For Grand/Children

Certified safe by ASTM for use in the state and city parks and recreation areas.



Responsive Service

You are going to be treated like you are the only customer we have.

Sharper Image

Crisp landscape and garden definition for a cleaner and neater look.

Eco-Friendly Mulch

Made of recycled garden and landscape waste materials for an eco-friendly alternative to landfilling.

‘Landscape Edging & Mulch In Columbus Made Easy’

YES, I Need My Free Edging & Mulch Estimate.