Aeration and Overseeding In Columbus Ohio

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Without Chemicals


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Grass Has Taken A Beating This Summer

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It’s the middle of summer and your grass has literally taken a beating from constant mowing, foot traffic and blazing Summer heat. Repair damaged areas and improve the quality of your entire lawn with aeration and over seeding. Both services are completely organic and require zero chemicals.

Every lawn type can become denser, healthier and better able to cope with stress if aerated and overseeded. Even the all-natural lawns that do not rely on chemical treatments or fertilization can always use these services to introduce new seed. The seeds will grow into young grass plants that will replace weak, tired and worn out grass plants. In time, the new grass will be developing into a healthier and denser turf without the use of chemicals. Aeration and overseeding is completely natural and organic.


Completely Organic and All-Natural

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Aeration and Overseeding

You might have noticed a tired, faded or weakened areas in your lawn. Which is to be expected because our lawns primarily consist of cool season grass plants like Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues.  As the name implies, these grass plants do best in cooler temperatures with shorter days, like in the spring and fall.

These stressed areas are most likely caused by summer heat and humidity and could lead to bigger problems down the road if left unchecked.

Repair stressed areas and thicken the entire lawn with aeration and over seeding. Completely organic and natural, aeration and overseeding will benefit any lawn, without the use of chemicals or treatments.


What Is Aeration?


Aeration is the process of removing two to three-inch cores from the lawn, root zone and topsoil.  This process relieves soil compaction caused by constant mowing, foot traffic and blazing heat. Aeration will ‘open up’ the lawn and topsoil, allowing more air, water and nutrients to go directly to the grass roots.

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Penetrating the root zone encourages the grass roots to grow spread out and grow further into the subsoil. Deeper roots will have a longer water supply as it will be better able to draw water from deep within the subsoil. Enabling the grass to stay greener during times of excessive heat and drought.


Seed After Aeration?

One tip for a dense and lush lawn is to overseed immediately after aeration is complete. The two to three-inch cores removed from the lawn root zone and topsoil fall onto the lawn where they will dry up and break apart. Each core contains beneficial microorganisms and nutrients that will create a perfect bedding for the seed-to-soil contact necessary to grow cool season grasses like Kentucky Bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues without using chemicals.


What kind of seed should I use?


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Identify the grass plants that exist in your lawn.  Only a handful of species grow well in central Ohio, which includes Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues. Each varies in its maintenance requirements and ideal growing conditions.  Only use premium seed that is a close match.

Check the ingredient label to make sure the seeds are weed free and blended with premium quality varieties.  Blended lawns have greater genetic diversity, improving disease- and insect-resistance and are hardy in a wider range of growing conditions, according to the OSU Extension.



When Is The Best Time To Aerate and Overseed?

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In Central Ohio, our lawns consist primarily of cool season grass plants. As the name implies, cool season grass grows best in cooler temperatures with shorter days, which we typically experience in the spring and fall.

The best time to aerate and over seed your Central Ohio lawn usually starts August 1 and can go into winter if snow isn’t on the ground. Aerating during this period brings all the benefits without the worry of creating a bedding for crabgrass seed to germinate along with the grass seed.

The second best option to aerate and over seed starts in late winter around March 1st up to May 1st. This will work if you must repair a very thin lawn. But aerating to late in the spring will open your lawn when crabgrass seeds are blowing around. Meaning, you could see an increased presence of crabgrass in the summer if your lawn is open or thin in the spring.


YES, Aerate & Over Seed My Lawn.