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Complete Lawn Care

Avoid the frustration and the headaches.  Hire a lawn fertilizer company that CAN help you with lawn mowing if something unexpected should arise.

Just think about the best case scenario, you hire a lawn fertilizer service and they do a good job.  The grass is green, healthy, and growing two feet everyday, but then your lawn mower breaks down.

Would Scotts Lawn Care or TruGreen be able to help you mow the grass until your lawn mower gets repaired? 

And that’s why YEAR ROUND Landscaping’s lawn fertilizer service is better than others because we can handle whatever the lawn might through at you this summer. 

YEAR-ROUND Landscaping is your one stop shop for all of your lawn and landscaping needs.

Plus, we eliminate your risk, by backing back up our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Simply put, if after one season, you’re not satisfied for whatever reason, then we’ll pay for your first treatment with the lawn fertilizer company of your choice

You can’t afford to put it off any longer.

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Exceptional Results

We go above and beyond just to make sure they receive a highly valuable service at a reasonable cost.

Quick & Responsive

Returning your email, text or phone call is NOT too much to ask.  And notify you at least 24 hours prior to arrival, and then text you when it’s safe to go back in the yard.

Attention to Detail

We’ll pick up pet water bowl and kids toys if you forget. Then we make sure to blow the fertilizer off the driveway and sidewalks.   And we shut the fence gate.

No Risk - Try Us Out!

BBB A+ Rating and stellar reviews to back it up.

Lawn Fertilizer, Aeration, Seeding, Mowing and more...

Relax...We'll take care of your lawn.

Zero Risk - Try Us Out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Of course, anyone can make the claim of great lawn fertilizer, aeration and seeding but can they help you with the lawn mowing?

Regardless, we’ll go the extra mile and back it up with some of the best guarantees in the business!


Lawn Fertilizer, Aeration, Seeding, Mowing and more...

Hire one reliable landscaping company that can handle whatever the landscape might throw at you this year.

 YEAR-ROUND Landscaping is your one stop shop for all of your lawn and landscaping needs.

Our Lawn Care Company

You can ask Google for a ‘dependable lawn fertilizer service near me’ and get thousands of options but only a certain few can handle everything the landscape or lawn might through at you.

Spraying the dandelion in your lawn might be on your mind today but you need to work with a comprehensive service provider that can take on more if needed.

We’ll save your time and money by eliminating the hassle of hiring several companies to manage one lawn.

We’re accredited members of B.B.B with stellar reviews.

We’ve been in the lawn fertilizer business since 1999 and we consistently deliver the best lawn on any street throughout Dublin, Columbus, Grove City, Pickerington, Hilliard and more. 

Many of our lawn fertilizer clients experience a sense of relief because we help with whatever the landscape can thorough at them. 

YEAR-ROUND Landscaping is the one stop shop for all of your landscaping needs.  Whether it’s lawn mowing, lawn fertilization, aeration, seeding and sod installation, yard cleanup, paver patios and more.

You’ll receive a highly valuable service at a reasonable cost . 

Don’t miss the opportunity, request your no cost, zero obligation estimate right now!

BBB A+ Rated

Exceptional Results

Comprehensive Service

Relax...We'll take care of the lawn.

Other Services

Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service is different and we can't wait to show you how we'll go above and beyond for you!

Lawn Aeration/Seed

More info coming soon...

Yard Clean Up w/Leaf Removal

We already know you want a yard that is free of weeds, with uniform shrubbery, sharply edged flower beds, and premium mulch in those beds.

 They are honest, hardworking, true to their word and customer focused.

Better Business Bureau Review by: Dennis T..... Zip Code: 43081

"This company is what I look for in a business to give my support. They are honest, hardworking, true to their word and customer focused. I recommended them to my neighbor who is also working with them."

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