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Soil Testing & Soil Enrichment

Columbus Soil Testing & Soil Enrichment Services

Your lawn’s soil plays a crucial role in its appearance, ability to support plants, and even how well it retains water. Don’t let low-quality soil ruin your lawn or garden–Landscaping 365 provides professional soil testing and soil enrichment in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

We can test your soil for a wide range of components to provide insight into what’s missing or what your soil might have too much of. Combined with our soil enrichment services, our professionals get your soil where it needs to be for a lush, gorgeous lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Professional Soil Testing in Columbus

Issues with your soil can impact your entire yard. From dry, sandy soil to soil with too many nutrients, even minor problems have the potential to make a big impact. It takes well-balanced soil to create a beautiful yard and support plants and landscaping.

When we test your soil, we are specifically looking for:

  • Cation exchange capacity (CEC). CEC is your soil’s ability to retain positively charged ions (called cations), which help nourish plants with necessary nutrients. Your soil’s CEC level will impact how often it needs to be enriched and even watered.
  • pH level. How acidic or alkaline your soil is can dramatically impact its ability to grow certain plants and grasses.
  • Nutrient content. Our tests measure both macronutrients (like nitrogen and calcium) and micronutrients (such as iron and copper) in your soil to determine its ability to sustain healthy plants.
  • Moisture content and retention. Understanding your soil’s moisture content and retention is important for determining your lawn’s watering needs for optimal plant growth and health.

What Is Soil Enrichment?

Soil enrichment is the process of improving soil quality by adding nutrients and fertilizer for better performance. With soil enrichment, you can improve your soil’s moisture retention, aeration, and organic matter while reducing potential damage from pests.

Landscaping 365 rejuvenates deficient soil with our soil enrichment services to support a lush lawn and strong roots for healthy plant growth. Over time, soil can lose nutrients and microorganisms needed for sustainable growth. Columbus soil enrichment helps your lawn stay healthy and can even reduce the need for pesticides or other chemicals.

Let us condition your soil and keep it alive, healthy, and resilient with our soil enrichment services. Our team works with you to test your soil and determine the optimal techniques, applications, and timing necessary to create your best lawn yet.

The Benefits of Regular Soil Testing & Enrichment

Regularly testing and adjusting your soil allows you to properly care for your lawn and keep your yard and garden healthy. It also prevents problems with your soil from creeping up on you. For example, a sudden change in soil pH or nutrient content can cause grass and plants to die.

Testing your soil also lets you know what fertilizer or treatments your yard needs to remain in optimal condition. Fertilizing soil or adjusting the pH without understanding the baseline condition of the soil can result in wasted money and a damaged lawn.

We recommend getting your soil tested annually to ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn and prevent issues. Retesting is also recommended after soil enrichment to ensure your soil is in optimal health with our changes.You can get soil testing in Columbus at any time of year, although early spring is most common. This allows you to adjust or enrich your soil before the peak growing season. Fall is also a popular time for testing and enrichment to prepare your soil for next year.

Why Choose Landscaping 365 for Your Columbus Soil Testing and Enrichment?

Landscaping 365 is proud to be a local business serving homeowners and business owners with soil testing and soil enrichment in Columbus and the surrounding areas. People choose us because:

  • We are insured, certified, and hold an Ohio Department of Agriculture license in over eight categories, including lawn maintenance and fertilization.
  • Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your results, we will fix it for free. 
  • Our owner has an Ohio State Master Gardeners certification in lawn care and maintenance and over 20 years of experience in lawn care.
  • Each of our technicians is trained, experienced, and passionate about what they do, including providing excellent customer service.

Contact Us Today for Your Free Soil Testing Estimate

Ready to better understand your soil and provide the enrichment it needs to help your lawn thrive? Contact Landscaping 365 today to schedule your free estimate, and let us make your yard an oasis you can be proud of!

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“Call this man. Make your life easy and your yard beautiful. Competitive, thorough, attentive, reliable. They did a fantastic job. I was delighted with the customer experience AND product.”

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"Do what they say they are going to do. Excellent work on late summer clean up. This company will not disappoint."

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